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Screenshot ZYDZYD

This donationware can download a YouTube video when a link to it is stored in the clipboard. Downloads can be saved as video or audio file. ZYD automates a lot of steps, see features.

Download ZYD 2.5 (updated 28.07.2020)


  • Check or monitoring the clipboard for YouTube links. If found the download is bein initiated.
  • Automatic substream selection: best video (max. 1080p) + best audio (max. 192kbps)
  • Transcoding when needed
  • Volume normalization between YouTube videos.
  • Meta data embedding (Cover Art, Title, Description, ...)
  • Automatic filename generation
  • Portable App: All tools are included and are being unpacked on demand to subfolder res. No installation, no changes to system files.
  • Readme + changelog are located in the res subfolder while ZYD is running.
  • Windows explorer starts with the download selected after completion.

If you face issues, please download latest ZYD.

Screenshot MouseMover2020MouseMover2020

It moves the mouse around to prevent screen saver and other energy saving functions.

Download MouseMover2020 (20.05.2020)


  • New: Update to fix an issue with Windows 10.
  • Mouse is being moved
  • Registration of two global hotkeys while runnig

FastDupeFinderScreenshot FastDupeFinder

Fastest identical copy finder. You can either send the folder with the files that will be compared as a command line argument (FastDupeFinder.exe C:\Fotos) or drag and drop a folder onto FastDupeFinder.exe.

Download FastDupeFinder 1.0 (30.11.2018)


  • Compares all files' sizes  against each other.
  • Compares the MD5 has of files with equal sizes.
  • Deletes copies of identical files.

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August 14th, 2020
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