Ingenieurbüro Lepthien

Nondestructive Testing

Evaluation of Olympus OmniScan OPD raster scans

  • Generation of 3D models from measured data (.opd) files
  • Automatic data analysis with automatic geometry and phantom echo detection
  • Comparison of multiple scans of the same object (e.g. historic and recent data for crack growth analysis) in 3D
  • Superposing of 3D NDT data with 3D CAD data of the analyzed object

3D Image of 3D ultrasonic data extracted from .opd raw data files

Illustration: Multiple ultrasonic .opd raw data files (Olympus OmniScan) converted and merged with UltraX (coded by me) Software. Superposing of NDT and CAD data (1:1 scale). Screenshot was filtered with Paint .NET to be more dramatic.


  • Optical drone inspections (e.g. rotor blades of wind energy turbines, roofs and the like)
  • Cooperation with experienced level 3 ultrasonic testing experts
August 14th, 2020
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